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4 years ago

Real training with real results.

I would highly recommend TR to anyone wanting to improve fitness and riding. I have lost weight and been riding stronger than ever before. The plans put in the calendar always keep you on your toes. My only issue is I am running out of shows to watch! Everything about this software is exactly what I want. All I wanted was a program that got me to be the best rider I can be and this program without a doubt is achieving that. The team are also quick to respond to queries or any issues IF they arise.

David N. / Australia

4 years ago

Helping to Save Lives!

Hello! So just to be up front, I am not (yet) a paid subscriber. I'm 40 years old, live in Washington State, a husband & a father. I turned to cycling 4 years ago as a way to change my life. I bought a '04 TCR from Craigslist, rebuilt it from the frame up over winter learning as I went, & have just over 7k miles on it since Aug 2018. In 2013 I retired from law enforcement after 13 years at 315lbs, a raging alcoholic, & physically a real dumpster fire. At the time I thought medical problems were my reason for leaving, I was told I need a hip replacement, back surgery, & would most likely walk with a cane the rest of my life. After watching a documentary on a childhood "hero" using yoga to reinvent himself, I sat on my couch crying & decided to give it one last shot before succumbing to the knife. Yoga built me up so I could ride & I've reinvented who I am as a father, husband, and human being from the saddle. Yes my body was broken & weak, but I was suffering misdiagnosed PTSD (as are 80% of police officers) & I can now be honest with myself & the world at large. I never had any surgeries, I became plant based as did my whole family, quit alcohol & nicotine, & most everything that crippled me was my own doing....... apparently. I've turned myself into an amateur endurance athlete regularly completing 20+ hour training weeks riding 4 - 6 days anywhere from 3 - 5 hours generally. I'm 170lbs, still riding the Giant, & 100mi+ at 18mph+ average is my current fitness level. In fact tomorrow I set out for a solo 150 on my birthday just to prove I can! So how has TR played a part in all this? As I mentioned, I have yet to subscribe but if life ever blesses me I would love to. Honestly my family has to come first, the last couple years have been a struggle for us, so I stay on my trusty older bike for now. I have full sensors, but never could ethically spend the money on a power meter or personal trainer while my family still has needs. That being said, I'm a person with a high cognitive load & my favorite for long rides is podcasts, which is where TR has become a constant source of information, science, & companionship during huge days in the saddle. You truly are "tip of the spear" & along with other learning I've been able to change my life; & in no small part you have helped to save me. Thank you SO much for EVERYTHING you do for the cycling community & sports science in general. I truly hope life affords me the ability to view power & a program one of these days, but until then I genuinely appreciate what you've done for my life. I'll never be a racer & that was never my goal, just health, fitness, and optimizing who I am today to be better for tomorrow!

Travis S. / United States

4 years ago

Awesome Training and Customer Service

I am new to TrainerRoad but I am already loving the progress. After doing 1 week of workouts, I went outside and had my best ride speed wise. I dd 23.5 miles with a avg speed of 18.6! I can't wait to get more training in because I'm certain TrainerRoad will get me to my goal of averaging 20 mph on any given day! Also, Gillian, a customer service rep was awesome in assisting me! 10/10

Orlando M. / United States

4 years ago

Great structured customizable training plans in conjunction with excellent commentary via podcast

Keep up the good work with continuous improvement of your products! I highly recommend the structured training in combination with the podcast/ YouTube videos. These tools have helped me in three very important ways...overall fitness, mental emotional/ stress management and body weight management! Thanks TR team!

Bruce O. / United States

4 years ago

TrainerRoad is awesome

In no particular order, I love the product. It is always improving and too many great thing about it to list. Podcast awesome. Blog posts awesome Beers with Chad awesome. Nate awesome. The rest of the podcast crew, awesome Thanks for the suffer, info and laughs. All are necessary

RJ K. / Canada

4 years ago

Great info, great entertainment

Love this podcast. It has helped me immensely in my training, everything is based in science, and it’s super entertaining. Never miss it!

Brett S. / United States

5 years ago

TrainerRoad has help me improve as a cyclist in almost every way.

When I started TrainerRoad 8 months ago a was a horrible cyclist in almost every way. I wasn't very fast, and had tried to train myself for a year and just couldn't put anything together that worked for me but TrainerRoad just makes it easy in almost all aspects. with training programs like Zwift you have to go through a ton of step to start a structured workout but wit TrainerRoad you go straight to it with helps when you have a short amount of time and want to make the most of it. Also in the workout they have optional instruction a that will help you develop not only your fitness but your for as well which will help you to stay health and injury free. Don't even get me started on how much I love there podcast that they put out for FREE it is an incredibly resource and instead of being a podcast dedicated to one thing or another it covers everything in cycling from nutrition to workouts to race strategy it has it all and they still manage to keep it fun and entertaining. I love TrainerRoad and would highly recommend it any cyclist that is to take there whole cycling experience to a new level.

Ben E. / United States

5 years ago

Best Training Product Available

Quite simply the guys at Trainerroad know what they’re doing. From training plans to podcasts with the added bonus of the performance analytics, calendar and great community this will make you a faster cyclist. Trust in the process and you will achieve your goals & beat your competition!

Lewis R. / United Kingdom

5 years ago

Best gets better

Triathletes that take variable durations of downtime really appreciate the new Plan Builder. It really fills the gap. TR was already the #1 virtual training coach for our team. It allows those of us that don't have a human coach to plan. But, it keeps us all in sync by allowing our human coaches to use TR rides to dictate indoor training. Now that there's a super easy way to transition a TR ride to "outdoor" it's just literally "The BOM". Beyond that TR dev team is awesome. They have a regular bug release schedule and feature release schedule. This eliminates my need to "pester" TR with every little bug, annoyance and wish I see or imagine day, by week, by month, by year.

Pete K. / United States

5 years ago

Great Training Inside and Outside

I joined TrainerRoad before they had outside workouts and really only used it in the winter, but now that they have outside workouts it has been amazing and getting better. The new Plan Builder is probably the best part of the program. Join up and they can help you be ready for all your big races. The Podcast is also awesome to listen to while you ride.

alex h. / United States

5 years ago

Best in class!

The best training program on the market! It is like having a personal coach at almost no cost!

Alan B. / United States

5 years ago

What they said

TR is great: the software, the forum. the YouTube vids, the podcast (of course), all of it. I trust them. I trust their motives. Yes, they're a business, but they are cyclists, and they are dedicated to making us (as the say) faster cyclists. The podcast is entertaining and informative. The training software is simple and elegant, but it's bottomless in its potential. I am very glad they do what they do. Thanks, guys.

John H. / United States

5 years ago

This is next level stuff

I can't thank you all enough for putting such a good product and podcast in our sport. That's what got me into racing and improving myself. I have learned so much new stuff about training, racing, nutrition, health related stuff and list goes on and on.. I am relistening to all of your podcasts from the start as I did before in random order. It's an awesome podcast, the best for me actually and I'm never bored of your voices. Keep on doing what you are doing - you are the rare diamond in the cycling community! Cheers guys!

Tadas K. / Lithuania

5 years ago

Easiest 5 star review I have ever awarded!

I can't say enough good stuff about TR! It has helped me improve my fitness and my speed. It has taught me how to ride with a much more efficient cadence. It has taught me how & why to ride outdoors with a power meter. TR is constantly improving and tweaking the software & app. TR listens to feedback and actually implements feedback into the development of the program. TR makes me want to get on the bike indoors. If you are a serious cyclist you must try TR!

Brad J. / United States

5 years ago

The structure that took me further

TrainerRoad Is like having a coach by your side, but without the high cost. It drastically upped the gains per hour spent! Fantastic!

Hans H. / Norway

5 years ago

Great product

Stick to the training plans and you will get faster.

Philip C. / United Kingdom

5 years ago

Highly Recommended

I'm not a competitive rider but I use TrainerRoad as the main part of my fitness program. Since I started structured training with TrainerRoad, I've lost over 20 pounds and improved FTP by 53 watts. I pair TrainerRoad with Wahoo Kickr and iOS. It just works. No issues at all. I love the convenience of training indoors, and I've learned a lot about training from the Podcast and following Coach Chad's plans. Great product. Great community. Highly recommended.

Keith R. / United States

5 years ago

Can get enough of TrainerRoad

I look forward to the weekly Podcast. The information provided by Jonathan and Coach Chad is so spot on! I’m hoping to meet you all in Tucson!

John B. / United States

5 years ago

Painful but works! So nice to have contact with the founders and creators

If you put in the hard work, then these training plans and the platform yield great results. The biggest selling point for me is the contact with the designers and coaches of the platform. Seeing them weekly on YouTube or listening via podcasts respond to users questions or making changes/ requests to the app keep me coming back. And it also spurs me on to keep training.

STUART G. / United Kingdom

5 years ago

Trust the Process

There are lots of days that I look at the workout and think there is no way I'll be able to complete it at the prescribed power, but I keep telling myself "trust the process". The results speak for themselves. My FTP has increased 45% in about 9 months. The complementary podcast is great, and the forum has immensely helpful information. Whether you want to get faster, or you just want to let someone else decide your workouts for you, this is the best way to train.

Glenn W. / Canada